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Level 3: Advise

Enjoy the Distinct Advantage of Expert Guidance

Patten Cat® EMSolutions goes far beyond basic services to develop a comprehensive equipment management program customized to your business. We have the experience and technical capabilities to build a multi-level program that fits your needs as well as your budget. More than just data collection, we apply decades of industry knowledge and technical expertise in construction equipment management to offer guidance in making critical decisions that shape your future.

Level 3: ADVISE delivers expert advice and thoughtful recommendations on everything from equipment maintenance and repairs to utilization and health monitoring. Patten Cat serves as a dedicated condition-monitoring advisor who’s intimately acquainted with your business, your fleet and your goals. Our recommendations, along with the full range of EMSolutions, lay the foundation for a condition-monitoring program capable of reducing costs and boosting productivity.

Benefits of having an expert advisor dedicated to maximizing the value of your equipment include:

  • Greater insight gained from thorough equipment inspections. EMSolutions makes it possible to develop a clearer and more complete picture of the condition of your fleet so you can develop effective strategies for managing your fleet more efficiently.
  • Advanced S-O-SSM fluid analysis. Through scientific analysis of fluid samples, your dealer can spot potential issues before they result in unscheduled repairs and costly downtime. Extracting the full potential of your construction equipment starts with a comprehensive, high-tech approach to preventative care.
  • Cutting-edge technical capabilities. Product Link™ and VisionLink® make it possible to collect data electronically so your dealer precisely understands of the health and utilization of equipment.
  • True partnership in equipment monitoring. Your Patten Cat advisor is 100% onboard, from analysis through recommendation, to help transport your fleet management program to the cutting edge.

With Level 3: Advise...

Level 3: ADVISE immediately delivers results as you add expert-level equipment management guidance to your internal capabilities. Your Patten Cat dealer/advisor understands the necessary steps in promoting asset health and is experienced in developing more efficient utilization strategies. With EMSolutions, you get the combination of technical capabilities and professional consultation to navigate the modern challenges of equipment management.

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