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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Save money, clean your filter.

Patten Cat offers Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning for your Caterpillar® or other brand of diesel truck engine.

Top Five Benefits of Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning:

  1. Improves overall fuel economy
  2. Save money (no need to purchase a new or reman replacement filter)
  3. Increase efficiency of your diesel particulate filter
  4. Maximizes time between cleanings
  5. Meets EPA ash service interval requirements

Use the right tools

The DPF cleaning process uses the Caterpillar Diesel Particulate Filter Ash Cleaning tool and a patented process that effectively cleans the ash from Caterpillar and non-Caterpillar DPFs. The tool and the patented “pulse” cleaning process:

Give your filter a second life

For more information and pricing regarding a Diesel Particulate Filter Ash Cleaning, contact us or call 877-688-6812.