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Contamination Control

Patten Takes Contamination Control Seriously.

Interested in enhancing equipment performance, increasing longevity, and decreasing downtime? Strict contamination control practices from Patten Cat can help you achieve that. When you visit us you will see the difference contamination control makes.

We strive to be the best, just like you

Contamination control is an initiative aimed at providing superior value to our customers. This superior value can be realized through the avoidance of component failures, longer component and product lives and optimized productivity throughout the product’s life cycle.

How it works, and why it’s important

Typically, contaminants enter a machine through the fluid systems including hydraulic fluid, fuel, or coolant. Common contaminants include dirt, metals, weld spatter, paint flakes, or rag fibers. However, many contaminants are so small they are virtually undetectable by the human eye.

To keep the parts that power your equipment in top condition, we follow strict contamination control regulations for parts storage, handling, and distribution. Over time, contamination leads to decreased productivity, unscheduled machine down time – and even more costly repairs.

Save money, produce more

At Patten Cat, we take contamination control very seriously – employing measures to decrease the amount of foreign materials introduced to a machine through fluids, and performing all maintenance, service, and repairs within Cat Five Star standards for contamination control. Our contamination control practices include:

These best practices for contamination control provide you with:

Enhanced productivity

Did you know that contamination can actually reduce machine performance up to 20% without the operator even noticing? This occurs when particulates build up on metal surfaces and restrict hydraulic flow, eroding system efficiency.

Put it into perspective: That 20% reduction is like losing a day of production for the week!

Increased component longevity

When your machine receives proper maintenance and service or repairs are performed within contamination control guidelines, your machine will not only run better, but will last longer.

Put it into perspective: A 3-year study found that components treated with contamination control can last up to 10 times longer!

Decreased downtime

Contaminants pave the way for problems throughout the drivetrain, leading to unplanned failures, unscheduled downtime and higher repair costs.

Put it into perspective: A cleaner and properly maintained machine experiences reduced downtime!

Contact your Patten Cat Product Support Sales Representative (PSSR) or local service manager for more information about controlling machine contamination.


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