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Construction Equipment Rentals

Patten Industries has the largest and most comprehensive construction equipment rental fleet in Northern Illinois. With over 600 machines and 5 storefronts, we are fully prepared to serve your construction equipment rental needs. Although not every store has a rental counter, they do have rental capabilities. The Cat® Rental Store offers a full line of Caterpillar and other brand-name equipment to meet all your jobsite needs. From boom lifts to earthmoving equipment, Patten is your one-stop choice to rent construction equipment in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Our experienced rental specialists will match your job specs precisely with the machines, work tools and power products you need.

Try Before You Buy with Patten Rentals

A Cat equipment rental from Patten can be the perfect short-term solution for your heavy construction equipment needs. You get the machine you need to complete that special project or perform a unique application without the expense of investing in new equipment.

Renting is a great option when one of your machines breaks down, as it allows you to remain productive without missing a beat. Because you are renting from Patten, you are getting reliable construction equipment rental in Northern Illinois that will exceed your expectations.

Affordable Equipment Rentals by the Day, Week, or Month

Whether you need to rent by the day, week, or month, we have a complete inventory of well-maintained and low-hour machines immediately available at competitive rates. Our equipment is maintained by expert technicians dedicated to keeping our equipment performing at top levels. We have the equipment you need to get the job done right.

Top Ten Reasons To Rent From Patten Cat

  1. Minimize costly breakdowns. Our construction equipment rental fleets are loaded with newer, low hour reliable equipment.
  2. Complete your job more efficiently. You'll be using the right equipment with the latest technology to get the job done.
  3. No maintenance costs. Our rental agreements typically cover complete maintenance of the equipment including preventative maintenance. 
  4. Eliminate storage costs. We'll pick up and store the equipment when you've finished using it.
  5. No capital investment. Renting frees up your business' capital for other uses.
  6. Increase your borrowing power. Rentals don't appear as a liability on your business' balance sheet.
  7. No equipment obsolescence. No more trying to get the job done with old, worn-out equipment.
  8. Try it before you buy it. Operate equipment on your job before making a purchase. We offer attractive Rental Purchase Options (RPO) if you choose to buy.
  9. Supplement your core fleet. You may not always have the right equipment, but we do.
  10. Minimal Downtime. Patten has approximately 40 field service trucks on the street ready to provide maintenance, or emergency repairs in the event of equipment failure. Minimum Downtime = Maximum Productivity.

Popular Rentals


Rental Power for any job

The lifeblood of your business is reliable electric power. Cat® Rental Power ensures that you’ll never be without it. Connect a unit to your building, take one to a remote location or even connect multiple units in parallel. Get the power you need for any purpose, including:

Let Patten Cat help you with applications like these and more.


Power when you need it, where you need it

Your Cat power equipment comes as a complete package and everything you need is there. All units are self-contained and trailer ready for easy delivery. These gensets are designed for quick connection and fast, convenient servicing.

Units range in output from 8 to 2000 kW. Sound attenuated XQ modules deliver sound levels as low as 65.9 dbA.

Our complete line of accessories includes:

If you are interested in rental options, contact us. Also ask us about our temperature control and compressed air solutions.