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Make the switch

Today the demand for reliable power is greater than ever before. Even the slightest disturbance can threaten the integrity of entire power systems. If an outage occurs, irreplaceable data could be lost, money lost – even lives lost. Now, with Cat® switchgear, your ability to reliably provide and manage power to your facility is assured.

Patten Power Systems offers three standard Caterpillar switchgear products that can support a wide variety of applications. Or, we can provide a custom designed system to meet your specific site's needs.

When a switchgear retrofit makes sense

Over time, electrical systems can become outdated. Sometimes it’s a case of an aging system that no longer performs as intended, increased needs have outstripped capacity, or electrical components contain obsolete parts. With upgrades and changes to their facilities, facility managers may want to consider a switchgear retrofit to improve performance and bring their electrical power systems up to date.

Anyone wanting to modernize their paralleling switchgear, whether it is Cat® brand or non-Cat, should consider a retrofit. This includes hospitals, financial institutions, data centers, industrial facilities and manufacturing plants. You are a candidate for a retrofit if any if the following are present:

Retrofits can involve the replacement of circuit breakers, protective relays and controls. A retrofit also encompasses systems integration, data communication, and can include electrical maintenance and testing as options depending on age and past service history.

You may want more information tied together such as communicating with Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), power plant fuel sources, change system to load management versus standby operation or load priority changes.

An onsite evaluation by a Patten Cat power systems engineer will determine if an upgrade is available for your existing system, or if a complete new control system is needed. The next option is a complete system overhaul to modernize your facility.

A switchgear retrofit can include changes to hardware and software. In many cases, the old system is gutted and new technology is installed within the existing power envelope structures. A Cat power systems engineering specialist custom designs the retrofit and oversees its installation.

For more information about scheduling an onsite evaluation by a Cat power systems engineer, contact us or give us a call at 877.594.3010.


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Altorfer, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Patten Cat effective May 9, 2018. We look forward to supporting all your equipment and product support needs by providing the quality products and excellent service that you have come to expect from the Caterpillar family. Please be aware that the Patten Cat website will close soon and all traffic will be pointed to Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner together with you for continued success.