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Commercial Business

Keep your tenants satisfied while lowering your operating costs

When you own a commercial building, your biggest challenge is keeping your tenants' employees safe and their businesses profitable, while balancing the rising costs of heating and powering the building.

When you work with Patten Cat, we ease your worries by providing you with a Cat® CHP or cogeneration system to reduce your overall operating costs. The CHP simultaneously provides electricity for electrical loads, and heat for a facility’s thermal requirements in one system. Benefits from Cat power generation systems like CHP include:

More than one option for your power needs

If capturing waste heat is not feasible for your commercial business – don’t worry! You may still be able to implement a distributed generation system to locally produce power for the facility, or a standby power plant. Either option is especially viable when:

Patten Cat will work with you to provide customized power solutions to your power challenges.  We will also let you know which required mechanical equipment and controls you’ll need to capture and transfer engine thermal energy. We also offer exhaust emissions for highly regulated emission environments and utility grade Cat paralleling switchgear to sell excess electricity generated to the local electric grid.

Contact Patten Cat today, and let us help you solve your power systems’ challenges.

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