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SOS Services

img sos servicesS•O•STM Advanced Fluid Analysis

When it comes to modern preventative maintenance, it pays to use everything at your disposal capable of helping you better understand the condition of your fleet. An effective tool for early detection can mean the difference between success and failure for businesses that rely heavily on the performance of construction equipment, engines, power systems and machinery. Patten Cat provides access to the latest innovations in machine maintenance technology including expert S•O•S fluid analysis services.

S•O•S Services bring fluid sampling to the digital age with advanced analysis that delivers a clear picture of the condition of your machines on the inside. By regularly testing fluids such as oil and coolant, we’re able to document a historic profile that not only pinpoints a piece of equipment’s current health status, but also reveals trends that help diagnose issues early — before they grow to become major problems that lead to costly repairs.

The Advantages of Fluid Analysis Through S•O•S Services

The better you know your equipment, the greater your ability to keep it running at peak performance levels. Patten Cat provides the modern tools and online interface to collect, transmit and analyze oil and coolant samples that help monitor the health of critical components and overall machine condition. With accurate information at your fingertips within a matter of hours, businesses are able to achieve greater fleet productivity, longer life cycles and increased availability.

Advantages of S•O•S fluid analysis include:

Enroll in the S•O•S Services Program With Patten Cat

We’ve been in the business of helping yours succeed for over 80 years. As our experience increases, so do our capabilities. As the authorized Cat® dealership for Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas, we’ll partner with you to provide S•O•S Services that quickly and accurately interpret the health and condition of your equipment. Learn more about our complete range of fluid analysis capabilities and get a free, competitive quote from Patten Cat today!

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