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Snow & Ice Equipment

Snow Removal Equipment | Buy or Rent

Landscape and general construction contractors in Chicago, Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana rely on Patten Cat for all their ice and snow removal equipment. We provide the highest quality snow and ice removal equipment for sale and rent in the industry. Don’t let snow put a damper on your landscaping business this winter. Blow the competition away with any of our built for snow machines perfect for ice and snow removal.

Cat® Snow Blowers and Snow Plows

Whether you need a commercial, municipal, or residential snow plow Patten Cat can customize a snow removal equipment system to best meet your needs. When paired with Cat® Compact Track, Compact Wheel, Multi-Terrain and Skid Steer Loaders, Cat Snow blowers are perfect for efficiently removing snow from streets, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. And when you purchase or rent any snow blower you also get the full support and commitment from us, Patten Cat, your trusted local Cat dealer.


Cat® Snow Pushes

Cat® Sectional Snow Pushes are designed for snow removal in parking lots, driveways, highways and airport runways. Designed for one push surface scraping, the snow blade minimizes follow-up pushes, so less salt is needed to control icing. The self-leveling system always keeps the side skids on surface, and sections maximize the number of cutting edges on surface when obstacles or uneven pavement lays ahead. The sectional side wing with shoes can tilt to ride over obstructions.

As a landscape or snow and ice management contractor, you realize the importance of customer satisfaction. When you're searching for ways to expand your service offering and increase efficiency, you can count on Patten Cat to provide the snow and ice removal system you need to succeed

Work Tools

Take advantage of Cat Work Tool Attachments such as blades, brooms and rippers while getting the most fuel efficiency. Our design consistency across equipment is useful in helping operators transfer skills from one machine to the next. Manuals offered in English/Spanish improve jobsite safety to decrease accidents and promote positive work tactics.

Altorfer, Inc. Logo

Altorfer, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Patten Cat effective May 9, 2018. We look forward to supporting all your equipment and product support needs by providing the quality products and excellent service that you have come to expect from the Caterpillar family. Please be aware that the Patten Cat website will close soon and all traffic will be pointed to Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner together with you for continued success.