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Level 2: Inform

Get Greater Insight Through Detailed Reporting

There’s definitive power in the ability to receive timely, accurate information relevant to your business operations. Connecting to ProductLink™ is a progressive step to becoming more informed on the performance and physical condition of your construction equipment fleet.

As information is transmitted electronically to a remote-monitoring location, your Cat® dealer can delve deeper into data and generate detailed reports. With insightful information regarding your equipment at your fingertips, it’s possible to uncover strategies for developing the most productive methods of managing your fleet.

Level 2: INFORM uses ProductLink™ to develop a clearer understanding of how to manage equipment in ways that make the best sense for your unique business, specific industry and future endeavors.

  • Run your business more efficiently. EMSolutions helps monitor fuel consumption over a period of time and then contrast it against similarly used equipment from your region. It’s a no-bones-about-it way to determine how your fuel expenses measure up to industry standards.
  • Ensure your valuable equipment is being operated correctly. Operators in need of additional training are identified by fault code alerts. Correcting inefficiencies and cultivating a more informed staff directly equates to reduced fuel consumption, greater productivity, safer conditions and extended equipment life.
  • Deploy your assets more effectively. Equipment sitting idle during operating hours equates to reduced profits and decreased potential for growth. At Level 2: INFORM, we take that information and generate reports. You’ll know how often equipment is inactive and how to use your equipment more efficiently.
  • Maintain equipment to maximize return on investment. ProductLink™ provides an up-to-date accounting of equipment hours. By knowing exactly when service is due, you can organize your schedule to ensure machines are maintained to last and perform over time.

With Level 2: Inform...

Patten Cat takes the worry out of managing your overall fleet by alerting you to areas of inefficiency. Level 2: INFORM delivers the knowledge necessary to address concerns, such as excessive idle time or fuel consumption, and help your business turn debilitating deficiency into operational strengths.

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