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Level 1: Access

Transform Your Equipment Management Program

The road to effective equipment management starts with accessing the technological tools to monitor your fleet. Level 1: ACCESS provides a method for collecting important data electronically via remote access for ongoing analysis. With access to equipment information in real-time, your Cat® dealer is capable of providing valuable insight that helps you maximize the value of your construction equipment.

A core aspect of EMSolutions Level 1: ACCESS is getting your business up and running with the latest technology. Patten Cat will get you connected with Product Link™, so you can start taking advantage of VisionLink®, its easy-to-use online equipment management dashboard.

ProductLink™ creates a virtual highway of information between your equipment’s electronic control modules and fleet management team. You dealer collects all the most pertinent data in order to deliver valuable insight that enables you to:

  • Maintain greater oversight of your fleet. ProductLink™ provides information that helps track the exact location and operating status of equipment at any given time.
  • Keep tabs on equipment availability, health and utilization to better allocate and distribute assets. You’ll get the information necessary to precisely understand how equipment is being used and to what level it is performing.
  • Overhaul your maintenance scheduling system. Access to accurate equipment data ensures maintenance services are performed on time. Your maintenance schedules will be organized to consistently maintain the capacity to meet demands.
  • React to maintenance indicators and emergency repairs. A faster response to potentially debilitating equipment issues equals reduced downtime and decreased overall operating costs.

Patten Cat will facilitate your introduction to the Cat PartStore™, the easiest and most efficient way to locate and order parts for maintenance and repairs. We also have the capabilities to educate your team on how to utilize equipment-reporting technologies for optimal effectiveness. Unlock the full potential of your business.

With Level 1: Access...

The process of uncovering the true value of your equipment starts at Level 1: ACCESS. Harness the power of our full compliment of Cat technologies in order to transform the way you collect and analyze critical equipment data.

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